Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seahorses In Love

I finally got around to painting this cute little pair of seahorses who are in love with one another. I think they are adorable! These tiny creatures are absolutely fascinating.

Update, March 2008: This item has been SOLD!

In related news, I bought a book called Ocean the other day on Amazon; it is filled with the most amazing underwater creatures you could possibly imagine and I'm finding it to be extremely inspiring.

Materials: 8x10 artist panel, acrylics

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Back to birds! I think the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is one of the prettiest birds around, and I love that they reside in the United States. Perhaps one day I will even see one with my own eyes. I decided to step away from the glue and scissors this time and paint. The background was painted with acrylics on an 8x10 canvas. I drew the outline of the bird and flower in pencil and then went over the outline with puffy T-shirt paint to give it a three-dimensional look. I like it!

Materials: Acrylic paints, pencil, artist tape (for blocking off the stripes), T-shirt paint.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Wonder of the Hole Punch

I found a new use for hole punches tonight. While looking at a picture of a woman in a sequined evening gown, I thought that I could use hole punches to simulate the sequins. I'm sure someone else has thought of this before, but it was a real brainwave for me.

Update: this item is now available in the shop!

Materials: Mat Board (5x7), Gloss Paper Mod Podge, card stock, scrapbooking paper.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two for One

I was all up in some creativity this evening and came up with two new collages. These are my first two attempts at "fashion" collage, and I'm fairly happy with how they came out, although I certainly do see room for improvement. Both were made with card stock and scrapbooking paper adhered to mat board using Gloss Paper Mod Podge. I really need to get some Matte Mod Podge soon; the glossy might be a bit much. I bought some really awesome trim from Hobby Lobby a while back and I use a bit of black trim for the belt and hemline in the bottom collage. I have lots of neat ideas about making these kinds of collage more detailed in the future, but for now I am happy working with simple shapes.

Materials: Mat board (8x10), scrapbook paper, card stock, Paper Mod Podge, black fringe.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Return to Mat Board

In 2007, I made quite a few collages using mat board (or "matte board" as I tend to want to spell it). Instead of taking a nap, which I really wanted to do, I got out all of my fun papers, glues, and cutting utensils and went to work. I ended up with what you see above, a Long-Tailed Broadbill bird. I think he's rather cute. At first I attempted to collage a different kind of bird, but it was a massive failure. I think I was getting too detailed for my own good, so I scrapped that bird and decided to go as simple as possible for this bird. I hope to do another collage at some point this weekend; hopefully something fashion-esque like most of my drawings.

Update: You can now buy this collage in the shop!

Materials: 8x10 mat board, handmade papers, card stock, Elmer's Glue Stick, Paper Mod Podge

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Another image gleaned from the bird book I got for Christmas. This particular cockatoo is a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo who lives in Australia. Instead of using regular Prismacolor colored pencils, I used Prismacolors Art Stix, which are large rectangular chunks of colored pencil lead. They look very similar to pastels, but the nice thing is that they don't get on your fingers and you can cover a much broader area with fewer strokes. I have the 48-color set, which is indispensable. I hope that one day Prismacolor will come out with the entire 120-color set. (Please, oh, please!)

Materials: Strathmore Medium Drawing paper (9x12), Prismacolor Art Stix