Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eastern Kingbird

Today I painted the above Eastern Kingbird, and while painting, I realized how much I enjoy it. Painting for me can be such an escape from a world of uncertainty. It gives me a level of control that I long for in my own life when things seem to be spinning into chaos. I'm glad for this little bird, because he let me forget things for just a little while.

Materials: 9 x 6.5 inch beveled wood, acrylic paint

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chocolatey Goodness

A flower that smells like chocolate?? Say it isn't so! According to one of my plant books, the Chocolate Cosmos flower smells of a "rich, dark chocolate." Since my favorite chocolate just happens to be dark chocolate (and since the flower itself is a beautiful, passionate red), I was inspired to sit down tonight and paint it. I imagined the aroma of chocolate wafting through my apartment as I painted. Not only did I end up feeling hungry, but I also ended up with a nice little painting for a cozy nook in my apartment. I used 3-dimensional embellishment paint to highlight the shadows and light on the petals and stem.

Materials: 6x6 wood, acrylic paint, 3-D paint.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wand Flowers

Well, it's been Art-Central here in Deborahville the past few days. Inspired by a neat library book I checked out on plants, I decided to paint a flower from the genus Sparaxis. They are commonly called "Wand" flowers, and I think they are really something else. I decided to do a modern take on a traditional floral portrait, and I'm really happy with how well the colors meshed.

As always, you can buy this little gem in the shop. More pictures there as well! Update: I've decided to donate this painting to the upcoming Birmingham Hospitality Network silent auction. BHN keeps homeless families together and provides them with shelter and basic necessities. You can read about them here.

Materials: 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch wood, acrylic paints

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tree of Life

After taking advantage of some sale items at Michael's yesterday, I got out my papers and glues and paints and came up with this rather funky creation (on wood). I don't think I had intended on the final image being as stark as it is, but I think it works. The brown of the tree and the vivid blues and greens hand-painted with acrylics in the background really compliment each other.

(And of course, you can buy it in the shop if you're so inclined. More pictures there, too!)

Materials: 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch wood, card stock, Mod Podge, glue, acrylics

Sunday, June 1, 2008

J. Crew Girl

One of my favorite clothing stores is J. Crew. I find it quite difficult to afford many of their items when they are regular priced, so I typically shop in the sales department. I get their catalog monthly and enjoy flipping through it and getting ideas for my own wardrobe. I thought the girl above was very pretty and chic in her summer outfit and decided to draw her. I'm quite happy with how she came out. The hands look pretty good, and I'm so pleased with her legs: especially that bended knee!

Please note that this drawing is available in the shop.

Materials: 11x14 Windpower Vellum Bristol, Prismacolor colored pencils