Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wand Flowers

Well, it's been Art-Central here in Deborahville the past few days. Inspired by a neat library book I checked out on plants, I decided to paint a flower from the genus Sparaxis. They are commonly called "Wand" flowers, and I think they are really something else. I decided to do a modern take on a traditional floral portrait, and I'm really happy with how well the colors meshed.

As always, you can buy this little gem in the shop. More pictures there as well! Update: I've decided to donate this painting to the upcoming Birmingham Hospitality Network silent auction. BHN keeps homeless families together and provides them with shelter and basic necessities. You can read about them here.

Materials: 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch wood, acrylic paints


Heather said...

I can imagine your work with flowers and other nature themes to be wallpaper. Awesome wallpaper, if it repeats. The close-up of your Spraxis offered on the right menu gives me that idea.