Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Completed Collage

I completed my collage tonight. I'm rather happy with it. I struggled with whether or not to get really detailed, and in the end, decided that simple is usually best for me. The background was painted with several shades of acrylic yellow paint on top of a square of 9x9 craft wood. I used paper Mod Podge for all of the paper cutouts and then sealed the entire thing with a final layer of Mod Podge. The sun was created using two shades of vellum paper. I traced over the vellum with some glittery puffy T-shirt paint to get a 3-D effect.

(Materials: wood, acrylic paint, paper Mod Podge, cardstock, handmade papers, vellum, T-shirt paint)


gorgeousredhead said...

thank you for the sweet comment! :)

Love & Squalor Designs said...

love your new piece!

Tribe said...

Have you ever used envirotex before? You can get it a Micheals... we stock up on it there whenever they send out 50% off coupons... but it is a safe to use resin (barely any odor) that you can pour over the top of work. It seals it.. and self levels. It looks just like candy-like glass.


Christina Hill said...

Oh this little guy is just ridiculously cute! I love him. I want to pick him up, cup him in my hands and give him a little kiss on the head. :)