Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gettin' Busy

I spent many hours today on the floor in my living room, surrounded by glue, paste, paper scraps, stickers, and all manner of collage materials. I had SO MUCH FUN making the collages you see above. It was a nice way to zone out and forget about Real Life for a few hours and focus on making something pretty. I hope to have these put up on Etsy for sale shortly. (You may remember the large bird from this post.

In the middle of making my collages, I remembered that I had a huge box of illustrations that my grandmother had cut out from catalogs when she was a little girl. I found them buried in my chest of drawers and pulled them out for the first time in ages. They are an absolute TREASURE TROVE of 30s and 40s fashion, and I used one of the cut outs in the collage you see on the upper right. It's kind of a kitchen-themed collage, as the woman in question is clearly washing a dish...what a good woman always does for her family, right? :) I hope to use many of these cut outs in my future collages and paintings. They are too good not to share.


Jeff and Heather take over the world. said...

My favorite is the yellow-border one. Impressive kill for the weekend!