Monday, December 15, 2008

New Drafting Table and Painting

I've been wanting a drafting table for a while. For ages, I've done my painting and drawing while sitting on the couch, the floor, or at my kitchen table (which is covered with paint). My parents and I found several nice drafting tables at Hobby Lobby, and armed with a 40% off coupon, they got me one for Christmas. I begged for them to let me have it early, and this weekend they agreed (thanks to some sly maneuvering on my part at the extended family Christmas event this past weekend in which I stole a Dirty Santa GPS system for my Dad from my cousin). My boyfriend spent a while yesterday putting it all together, and as you can see from the above, it's all kinds of awesome. The tabletop can extend upward to a 45 degree angle, and there are lots of storage areas attached to the sides of the tabletop and the legs. It even has a padded foot bar so you can rest your feet on it without them getting cold from the metal.

I gave the table a whirl for the first time last night and painted the below Blue Jay. I did it pretty fast, and I'm fairly pleased with it, although I have plans to do something that's a bit closer-up and more detailed. Still, it was a great way to break in the table!

Edit: The below Blue Jay is now available in the shop!


Heather said...

Awesome! I like how you've already filled the space with birds. What a nice sanctuary.