Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fantastic New Thing!

As several of my regular readers know, I am going to Zurich, Switzerland soon for work. (OMG!) What better time to get a new camera? I've had my present digital camera, the Panasonic DMC-FZ20, for several years now. It is the best camera I've ever owned: it can be used fully automatic or fully manual, and features an astonishing range of controls, which is important to me as I learned how to take pictures on a fully manual Nikon FM10 back in college. But the best part about the FZ20 is its super 12x zoom Leica lens. It's amazing what you can capture with this range. However, through the years, I've found one major drawback to the FZ20: its size. It's a pretty big camera with a pretty big lens, and is not something you can just throw in your pocket and go. It can be bulky and heavy.

And so, I introduce you to....the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5A!!! Yes, I decided to stick with Panasonic. The TZ5 is an *extremely* compact camera; I can easily slip it into a jacket pocket or a purse and not worry about bulk or weight. The best thing about this camera is that technology has advanced so far that I don't have to sacrfice my zoom: I'm still getting a huge 10x zoom with this little baby! It's just what I need to compliment the FZ20: a small point-and-click that will not require me to think very much as I take pictures.

I am currently waiting on my new battery to charge, so I may have to take back all the good things I just said above when I actually start shooting, but I'm hoping that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship.


Heather said...

You've got that new relationship smell! It'll be interesting to see how she holds up--be tough on her.