Monday, July 28, 2008

Nude Study

My apartment may be a mess, and I may no longer have internet or TV, but I still have my colored pencils and sketch pads. Background: my apartment complex decided to switch cable providers this week. Meaning, my existing cable and internet services were cut off yesterday, and since I didn't sign up for the new services (because of the impending move), I am totally cut off from the rest of the world when I get home. My boredom yesterday led me to draw some more, and I think I'm going to leave my pencils and sketchpads unpacked for the time being so I will have something productive to do when I get home in the evenings.

In any case, the above image was drawn relatively quickly last night. I tried very hard not to dwell on any one area, and to not think very hard about any one color or shade. I'm fairly happy with the results. The image used is from my very favorite artist anatomy book, "Anatomy for the Artist" by Sarah Simblet. I used to check it out from the library all the time, but got it as a Christmas gift last year. Indispensable!

Materials: 9x12 inch pastel paper, colored pencils


Heather said...

This is a true reflection of Deborah all cut-off and without any internet.

Like the no-thought approach. Letting yourself go seems to work for Miss Deborah. I feel cold and lonley looking at this, though.

I think I need a bird. Might I recommend Puffins if you're looking for something cold but a little bit birdy?

Angela said...

Question...When I have Kason's 1 year pictures made if I send you a picture would you have time to draw it??? Let me know if it is something you would be interested in and ofcourse I would pay you. Here is my email

Heather said...
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