Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moving On Up

Well, I am moving in less than a month. Which means that I probably will not be posting any new art here in the meantime as many of my supplies will be packed up shortly in anticipation of the new abode. Check back in August, though. I'll be firmly ensconced in my new place by the end of the month!

In the meantime, please enjoy this photograph that I took back in March of 2006 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I'm not entirely sure what kind of flower this is, but I think it might be some type of orchid. Maybe I'll post some of my old nature photos until I move, just to keep things interesting!


Heather said...

Ja. That's an orchid.

Sorry you won't be doing art until after the move. Doesn't quite seem fair to the readers. What else can you come up with that's not painting? Maybe photos of objects de la move?