Friday, February 29, 2008

Existential Crisis

So, I haven't created anything new since my last posting. I've been looking at lots of books on felting as well as some books on fashion design and drawing. It's all very overwhelming; I feel that I will never be as good an artist as I want to be and that I'm just spinning my wheels. I want to have a cohesive style, and I'm not sure that I have that yet, despite having been drawing and painting my entire life. I look at other people's work and am stunned by the innovation and ingenuity involved. I want to create BRILLIANCE! I feel as though I am always reaching upward to some hidden goal that I just can't seem to find. Feeling this way has been quite discouraging, which is why I've not even attempted to pick up a pencil or get out the glue or paper. I think I'm going through a phase where I see failure everywhere and feel that there's no point in making something else mediocre.

I will probably end up deleting this post at some point in the near future, but I felt like writing it all out anyway. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.