Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am SO HAPPY with the above painting. I apologize for not having a good, straight-on picture, but the weather has been icky so I haven't had any decent natural light. Plus, I'm too lazy to get my tripod out and work with my indoor lighting.

The above painting was painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas. I had this canvas for a while, but I was too afraid to use it because it cost more than the typical canvas. I've always had a strange issue with not wanting to "mess up" nice canvases and papers. I've been known to buy cute notebooks and never write in them, for fear of soiling their beauty. I am glad that I took a chance on this canvas, though, because I just love the outcome. I think she's so chic and put together, and I'm really very proud of the subtlety in the facial shadows and highlights.

Although I may eventually add this to the shop, I want to enjoy it for myself for now.


Jeff and Heather take over the world. said...

Your work is getting to have a style--a niche. I'm sure it always have, but I'm a newbie. I see something growing. I'm digging it. You are such an artist.